Vintage 101 is Closing – 50% Off Everthing

Vintage 101 will be closing it’s doors by the end of January 2012. Come on in for outrageous deals – 50% Off Everything.  Thank you to all of our wonderful customers over the last 1.5 years!


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When Mother Lets Us Cook

The other day Michael purchased a large box of cookbooks.  Within the mix of 60s and 70s era cookbooks, was this cute little tome from 1908 by Constance Johnson.  The cookbook contains an assortment of recipes, clever rhymes, and adorable black and white illustrations.

The rather lengthy title of the book is When Mother Lets Us Cook:  a book of simple receipts for little folk with important cooking rules in rhyme together with handy lists of the materials and utensils needed for the preparation of each dish.

The recipes range from the seemingly unappetizing to “hey, do yo really need sugar on that” to “wow, that sounds pretty good.”

I thought I would include one of my favorite recipes in the book here:

Blackberry Bread

1 loaf stale bread
1 quart blackberries
3/4 cup cold water
Sharp bread knife
Broad knife

Take a loaf of stale bread, butter one end, and cut off a thin slice.  The bread must be quite stale.  Continue to butter and slice until you have used the whole loaf.  It is always easier and nicer to butter your bread before slicing.

Put 1 quart of blackberries in a saucepan with about 1 cupful of granulated sugar and 3/4 cup of cold water.  Simmer the berries until they are tender, and the juice is running freely.

This will probably take about fifteen minutes.  Stir from time to time.  Put a layer of buttered bread into a deep dish and pour some of the hot stewed berries over it, then more bread and more blackberries in layers until all are used.

Put the dish in a cold place until the berries have cooled and then set on ice for awhile.

Serve in the same dish with cream or milk.

Strawberry, raspberry or cherry bread can be made in the same way.  Use more sugar with the sour berries, less with sweet.


Vintage recipes are a wonderful way to connect with the past. Do you have a favorite vintage recipe?  If so, we would love to hear about it!

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Affordable Vintage Goods

We take pride in offering a quality selection of vintage goods at affordable prices.  We believe that decorating your home or office should be a fun and creative process that doesn’t cost a fortune.  Although many of our pieces are ready-made, there are plenty of DIY project opportunities too!

We’ve been busy shopping, so come in and check out our great selection of vintage couches, tables, lamps, stools, home and office decor, and so much more!

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Vintage Clothes Coming Soon

Vintage 101 is expanding…right next door.   Not only will we have more showroom floor to display our cool vintage couches, chairs, lamps, and other decor items, but we will also have a selection of vintage men’s and women’s clothing.   This extra inventory has never made its way into the doors of Vintage Sanctuary.

Be sure to stop by this weekend and check out our selection of over 100 fall and winter coats.

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A Few of Our Favorite Things

Tins, a bird in a cage and amber glass, oh my! Small tins are a perfect accent on a coffee table, book shelf, or vanity. They can be functional or purely decorative.  These these three little tins are wonderfully scuffed and vibrantly colored.  Use them to store little crafty bits, secret notes, change, or just as is.

This adorable bird cage  jewelry box is such a find!  It has a very Victorian feel – delicate, exotic – a curiosity really.  Not only does it play music when the bottom drawer is opened, but the sweet little bird swings back and forth on its perch.

Amber – rich and golden – this lovely  jar incorporates a strikingly beveled texture and stately stem.  The gold band beautifully accents this great piece.  I can see this jar in the bathroom full of great smelling bath salts, as a counterpoint to a stellar book collection, on a coffee table full of decadent candies, or a very regal storage container for your crafty bits.

These are just a few of our favorite things available at the 101.

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Front Entrance Under Construction

Not to worry.  We have ample parking behind the shop as well as an entrance in the back.  We hope to have the front area completed soon!

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Vintage Dreaming

Let us help you decorate your home, body, and soul in cool vintage style.  Vintage 101 is a new shop in Oceanside, CA full of amazing vintage finds. Our stock includes furniture, decor items, lighting, prints, textiles, children’s clothes, china, guitars, and so much more.

We are located at 1307 S Coast Hwy in Oceanside.  Our hours are 11-7 daily.  Need more information?  Give us a call at 760-967-7976 or send us an email at thevintage101[at]

Looking for vintage clothes?  Visit our sister shop, Vintage Sanctuary, located at 625 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside. Open 12-8 daily. For more information phone 760-439-4535.

Be sure to check back as we will be updating our blog regularly with featured items and other vintage meanderings.

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